4 Steps to Start Making Money

Step 1. Get a Free Trial

Use the FREE TRIAL to follow the system for a few weeks.
You will be able to see the system Trading in Real Time.
And you can see how Long Term Trading works.

Step 2. Follow the System

After you get a chance to follow the system for a
few weeks you will be able to see how the system stays
with the trend, by avoiding getting into whipsawes.

Step 3. Get a Trading Lease

When you are completely satisfied with the Performance
of the system, you can apply to get the Trading Lease.
Trade the system yourself and start Making Money.

Start Trading like a Professional Trader.

Step 4. Trade the System

When you get the Trading Lease you can start trading the system.
Never second guess the system and always follow all the signals.
Especially the signals from the the TREND Function.

Read all the 'Help' documentation.

The Lease is Paid with your Profits