Frequently asked questions.
  • Need Help Contact "ATS".

  • When is the Roll Over to the next trading month done. The Roll Over is done during the week of the 22nd.

  • Do you have a Profit Report for the system.
    Yes this is the Profit Report.

  • How can I get a Free Trial.
    Register to download the Free Trial.

  • How can I get a Trading Lease.
    Get the Free Trial first, then Get the Trading Lease.

  • How do I use the system to Trade.
    The system comes with full instructions in the Help". Read the Help then if you have questions contact ATS.

  • The system is available to traders who
    can trade 10+ contracts.
    You can start with less and reinvest the profits.

  • How much does the ATS-ZB32 cost.
    The ATS-ZB32 is not for sale.

  • How do we use the system to make money.
    Run the system on Friday after the close.
    And follow all the Signals.

  • Do I need a platform to use the system.
    NO, the ATS-ZB32 is stand alone.

  • What markets does the system trade.
    The system trades the 30 Year US T-Bond(ZB).
    You can use the signals to trade the 10 Year T-Notes(ZN).

  • Can the system be Auto Traded by my broker.
    The system can ONLY be traded by the customer.
    The ATS-ZB32 was created for the benefit of Traders.
    It trades 2 to 3 times/year. Making over $24,000 /contract/year.
    Brokers have no incentive to trade the system, because it does not generate commissions.

  • How was the ATS-ZB32 Developed.
    The system was developed in stages over a period of more than 20 years.

The Psychology of a Successful Trader.

Advanced Trading Systems Inc.

To be a successful Trader, you have to be able to trade without the
Stress and Pressure of knowing what the market is doing on a Daily Basis.