Advanced Trading Systems Inc.
Was started in 1996

"ATS" is a developer of Long Term ALGO Trading Systems.

The first system that was created was the ATS-3200 in 1992.
I started trading the ATS-3200 in 1993 and made 85% in the first 6 months.

In 2017 I started working to improve the ATS-3200.

When the performance increased by more than 100%, I decided to make the new ATS-3200 into a separate new system, and called it the ATS-ZB32.

I also started working on a function(which I had in mind since 1994) to monitor the system while it is trading to make sure the system was always trading in the direction of the market.

The TREND Function checks the direction of the market during trading. If a trade starts losing money and the market is moving in the wrong direction TREND takes the system out of the market with a small loss and reverses the position.

The REVERSE Function of TREND turns Losing Trades into Profitable Trades. Making the ATS-ZB32 almost Perfect.

I will continue working to make the system better.
It is not possible to create the Perfect System.
However I will not rest until I get as close as I can.

Developer: Charles J. Tanti B.Sc.(Eng)
About the Developer.

The ATS Story: How the ATS-3200 was born.

The Psychology of a successful Trader.

Credentials: Interviews about the "ATS" systems.

Testimonials from Customers of the "ATS" systems.

The "ATS" systems were always in Futures Truth Top-Ten Tables.

The systems trading at Striker Securities in Chicago. Always at the Top.

The ATS-ZB32 was developed on the strength of the ATS-3200.

I developed and created the system for my own Trading.
I am willing to share the ATS-ZB32 with customers who can be Trusted completely.
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