ATS-ZB32 Trading Lease
Terms and Conditions
This is a Partnership between You the
Customer and the Developer.

The system makes over $25,000 per contract per year on a
margin of $10,000 per contract or 250%.
Profit Report.

You pay nothing when you get the Trading Lease.
Lease cost: $6000 / contract / year.

Contact ATS for payment options.

  • Available to Traders who can start with
    10 contracts. If you want to start with less
    Contact ATS

  • Each customer will re-invest some of the profits to increase the # of contracts traded.

  • The lease is to be paid as soon as the system makes enough profits.

  • Each customer will keep ATS updated of all trading activity at least once a month.

  • The ATS-ZB32 cannot be Auto Traded by your broker.

  • The ATS-ZB32 cannot be used for commercial purposes.

  • If the system is not used properly the Trading Lease will be cancelled.

Available to customers who have the experience and discipline
to Follow and Trade the system Properly.

You only have to check the Weekly Signal on Friday
after the close and follow the system.

Get the Trading Lease.

If the Lease Payment is not made when
due the Lease will be Cancelled